Perlane: Dermal Filler for Facial Rejuvenation

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Dr. Larry Milgrim proudly offers Perlane at his New Jersey office as a way to restore facial volume and replenish your body’s natural reservoir of hyaluronic acid. Expert Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Milgrim utilizes this robust filler to beautifully fade smile lines, reduce dark circles and rehydrate depressed cheeks within minutes. Qualified as a dermal injection specialist, Dr. Milgrim utilizes Perlane injections to enhance lips and facial features, providing patients with a well-rested visage. When administered by a professional, the FDA approved hyaluronic gel is an excellent skin enhancing tool that helps you maintain volume augmentation for up to six months. Located in Bergen County, NJ, Dr. Milgrim has years of training with the latest dermal filler injections that qualify him as an expert in administering Perlane injections, leaving patients with smoother, firmer features.

Before, During and After Your Perlane Procedure

  • Before: Dr. Milgrim meets with each patient to discuss eligibility for the procedure. Once approved, the doctor will evaluate facial angles and determine your treatment goals. The doctor advises the patient to restrict usage of blood thinners and aspirin three days before treatment to prevent excessive bleeding. Prior to the non-surgical procedure, our clinical team will prep your face with a thorough cleanse and alcohol treatment.
  • During: For the most natural results, Dr. Milgrim gently administers each dermal injection paying special attention to target areas. He advises that you may feel a slight pinch throughout the procedure, but ice is used to offset bruising and bleeding. The doctor continuously massages your facial regions to smooth out lumps for a subtle, more Youthful appearance.
  • After: Dr. Milgrim’s expert approach reduces swelling, but some side-effects are natural. Tenderness at the injection sites should fade away within a day following treatment. We recommend frequent icing and relaxation to maintain a healthy recovery. Our Perlane treatments offer instant results, quickly restoring volume to exhausted facial regions.

Why Choose Dr. Milgrim?

Since a gentle and efficient hand improves the results of your Perlane injections, you’ll need your procedure administered by one of the best Plastic Surgeons in the field. Dr. Milgrim has trained extensively in the areas of non-surgical rejuvenation procedures and is proudly featured as one of the “Best Doctors in America”. His educated and passionate approach at perfecting facial symmetry provides each valued patient with a more balanced, subtle and youthful appearance.

Scheduling Your Consultation

At your consultation, Dr. Milgrim will discuss your eligibility for the Perlane Procedure. Once approved, each patient will participate in a facial evaluation and discuss treatment goals with the plastic surgeon. Dr. Milgrim thoroughly explains the procedure in detail and answers any treatment-related questions the patient may have. If you’re ready to rejuvenate your appearance, please Schedule your Perlane consultation today. Our office is centrally located in New Jersey, close to the communities of Englewood, Westwood, Closter , and Fort Lee.
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