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New Jersey facial plastic surgeon and reconstructive expert, Dr. Laurence Milgrim is proud to offer the Lip Lift procedure at his state-of-the-art practice. His unique lip contouring surgery restores proportion and balances compromised during the aging process. A facial specialist such as Dr. Milgrim can create symmetrical results and ideal symmetry that isn’t achievable through “lip plumping” treatments. Our NJ cosmetic surgeon has tailored two specific treatment plans for individuals concerned about their smile. His advanced techniques cater to patients who desire a “bullhorn lip lift” (“upper lip lift”), “Gullwing lip lift” or “corner lip lift” when performed by a skilled surgeon, both procedures offer beautiful lip rejuvenation. Lip reshaping surgery at Milgrim Plastic Surgery has a remarkable influence on your facial expression and creates a more youthful overall appearance.

Benefits of a Lip Lift Surgery

Aging is an inevitable fact of life, it causes sagging of facial tissue and often an aging upper lip that impacts your beautiful smile. A lip lift with Dr. Milgrim in NJ results in more youthful and aesthetically pleasing, voluminous lips. As the top provider for lip lift surgeries in the New Jersey area, Dr. Milgrim proudly offers the following advantages:
  • Beautiful recovery with no scarring
  • More symmetrical and harmonious appearance
  • A wider, brighter smile
  • Fuller and more feminine lips
  • Renewed self-confidence
  • “Cupid’s Bow” area is nicely enhanced

During your Lip Lift Procedure

Dr. Milgrim performs the surgery in his New Jersey office, patients are under local anesthesia for comfort throughout the lip lift treatment. To begin, Dr. Milgrim creates a precise incision at the curves around the base of your nose. After, select areas of skin are extracted to augment the length of your upper lip and created a lifted appearance. By repositioning the lip, it’s raised upward and reveals a beautiful and bright smile without visible scarring. Depending on your concern, the surgeon can perform one or both procedures to improve your appearance.

Types of Lip Lift Procedures:

  • Bullhorn or Upper Lip Lift – Addresses thin lips and excess distance. Dr. Milgrim enhances the space between the upper lip and nasal base. This results in more visible pink lip, teeth and fuller lips.
  • Gullwing or Vermillion Lift – Incisions are made along the vermillion – the red border that defines the lips – to restore volume.
  • Corner Lip Lift – Designed to correct permanent frowns, this treatment lifts the corners of your lips and creates a more balanced smile.
The cost of a lip lift procedure can range from $2,500 to $4,000, depending on the technique used. During your consultation, Dr. Milgrim will determine which type of procedure will achieve optimal results.
  • Lip Lift Procedure with Dr. Milgrim Part 1: Getting ReadyPart 1: Getting Ready
  • Lip Lift Procedure with Dr. Milgrim Part 2: The TechniquePart 2: The Technique
  • Lip Lift Procedure with Dr. Milgrim Part 3: The Immediate Results!Part 3: The Immediate Results!

Results and Recovery after Lip Lift in NJ

Directly following surgery, patients can leave our office and go home to rest. At Milgrim Plastic Surgery, we recommend patients enjoy soft foods for 3 days after lip lift surgery. Patients are able to resume work within 4 days and swelling subsides within a week or two. Since sutures are absorbed by the body, there is no follow-up visit. Dr. Milgrim has used his artistic skill and technique to perform many lip lift procedures. Patients enjoy a more pleasant and youthful shape to the lips and mouth area following Lip Lift surgery in NJ.

Why Choose Dr. Milgrim for Your Lip Lift Procedure?

Highly trained in the art of lip reconstruction and an expert in the field of facial contouring procedures, Dr. Milgrim is considered one of the best facial plastic surgeons in NJ. His expertise and advanced techniques allow him to minimize scars, bruising and swelling. There are a few surgeons in New Jersey who match his caliber of plastic surgery expertise and results. Please email or call Milgrim Plastic Surgery for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Milgrim.
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