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Dr. Milgrim believes in catering to the needs of each unique client, which is why we are proud to offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures and treatments tailored specifically for men in our NJ practice. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Milgrim knows what it’s like to maintain appearances during the aging process. Unfortunately, gravity, stress and surrounding environments can have negative results on our face. Our expert facial surgeon offers a variety of specialized procedures to help men reach their desired physique and appearance.

Before, During and After Your Male Plastic Surgery Procedure

  • Before: Dr. Milgrim provides the patient with a consultation where he determines if you’re a proper candidate for either invasive or non-invasive treatment. Once the Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon analyzes your face and neck, you will learn what procedure(s) best fit your appearance. Each procedure is fitted to the client to strengthen your best features.
  • During: For non-invasive procedures, the fillers are administered with a numbing agent and are injected into the facial regions you wish to smooth out. Lengthier procedures such as facelifts lift up your smile, enhance your jawline and are done within the comfort of our office.
  • After: At the office of Milgrim Plastic Surgery, Dr. Milgrim will advise patients proper post-treatment care and elements to avoid to achieve the best healing process possible. Dr. Milgrim aligns his incision marks with your face’s natural creases to create clean-cut results. Since sutures are positioned around your face, we recommend that you do not shave within the week following your procedure. In non-invasive cases, patients may need a touch-up treatment to achieve the desired result, which will be discussed with your dedicated professional.

Choose Dr. Milgrim for Male Plastic Surgery in NJ

When it comes to male facial surgery, we know you need someone you can trust. Dr. Milgrim is accredited as one of the best Facial Plastic Surgeons in his field. With his specialty lying in Facial Reconstruction and expert Rhinoplasty, the award-winning surgeon is preferred among his peers in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Scheduling Your Consultation

At Milgrim plastic surgery, your satisfaction is our top priority, male or female. If you are living in New Jersey and are seeking male plastic surgery options, please contact us today for your consultation. Our office is centrally located in Bergen County, located near the communities of Englewood, Fort Lee, Closter, and Westwood.
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