Laser Resurfacing for Skin Rejuvenation

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As time passes by, our faces undergo physical changes, including volume loss and the appearance of wrinkles. Top New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Milgrim, is board-certified and expertly utilizes state of the art laser technology to enhance dermal layers, effectively improving your skin’s appearance. Dr. Milgrim uses a Carbon Dioxide (CO2 Laser) to safely resurface layers of damaged skin, leaving you with a smoother and more evenly pigmented complexion. Milgrim Plastic Surgery specializes in the removal of acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, and fine lines. Extensively trained in ablative laser resurfacing procedures, aesthetician Dr. Milgrim utilizes safe pulses of energy to successfully rejuvenate your appearance.

Before, During and After Your Laser Resurfacing Procedure

  • Before: Dr. Milgrim meets with the patient to determine eligibility for the cosmetic procedure. Once approved for laser resurfacing, the patient undergoes a series of photographs, facial evaluations, and routine testing. We ask you to avoid aspirin and blood thinners the week before treatment. Prior to the procedure, our clinical team with prep patient with a local anesthetic to offset the pain. Dr. Milgrim marks target areas and equips the patient with protective goggles to shield their eyes from light throughout the procedure.
  • During: Dr. Milgrim provides a customized laser treatment to each patient, expertly adjusting the machine to meet individual needs. Gently and precisely, your surgeon passes the laser over target areas to create grid patterns as his assistant eases discomfort with a Zimmer cooler.
  • After: Following your procedure, Dr. Milgrim will protect the treated areas with a surface cream. He advises mild discomfort and swelling is to be expected for roughly five days and ice packs will alleviate any pain. We will help patient schedule follow up appointments and instruct you to avoid the heat, extreme cold and restrict activity to promote healing.

Why Choose Dr. Milgrim?

For a controlled and effective LASER procedure, successful results depend upon the experience levels of your physician. Dr. Milgrim, MD is an expert in Reconstructive Trauma Surgery and well versed in the intricate art of Laser Resurfacing Procedures. The passionate and licensed cosmetic surgeon provides effective and impressive treatment options catered to the needs of each patient.

Scheduling Your Consultation

At your consultation, Dr. Milgrim will determine your eligibility for the Laser Resurfacing procedure. Once approved, each patient partakes in a facial evaluation and under the plastic surgeon’s guidance, develops an individualized treatment plan. Dr. Milgrim thoroughly explains Laser Resurfacing in detail and discusses the precautions and possible side-effects of the procedure. Would you like a clearer complexion without going under the knife? Please contact Milgrim Plastic Surgery today to begin your life-changing transformation. Our office is conveniently located in Bergen County, making us an excellent choice for laser resurfacing in New Jersey.
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