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Has your face lost its full, healthy appearance? During the aging process, many individuals lose both collagen and elastin in their skin. This inevitable loss of protein contributes to saggy jowls, sunken cheeks, and tired eyes. Fortunately, a safe Liquid Facelift can help restore your youth without painful surgery. Located in Bergen County, NJ, Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Milgrim utilizes dermal fillers like Radiesse, Restylane and Juvederm to re-hydrate your skin leaving patients with a fresher, more youthful appearance. When the facial volume is restored gently, signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet are smoothed out and relaxed. In our practice we know it’s important to not only help you look better but feel better as well. Expert hands lift and contour your face leaving you with a younger and more natural appearance. If you desire a natural appearance without going under the knife, Dr. Milgrim can provide a customized Liquid Facelift solution for you. Call our NJ office today to schedule your non-surgical facelift consultation.

Before, During and After Your Liquid Facelift Procedure

  • Before: Dr. Milgrim provides patients with a consultation to patients for a better understanding of which dermal techniques can offer the best results. Once the proper treatment has been established, Dr. Milgrim evaluates your facial structure from many angles and determines which fillers to use on your target areas. He advises patients to avoid any alcohol and the use of blood thinners such as aspirin prior to treatment to avoid excess bleeding.
  • During: Intricately using a thin and sterile needle, Dr. Milgrim begins a series of tiny dermal injections into the patient’s problem areas. We make the procedure as painless as possible by using lidocaine with your fillers. Dr. Milgrim’s expert approach and eye for detail leave patients with a smoother and more youthful appearance following the short procedure.
  • After: your comfort is our main concern. Prior to leaving our NJ office, Dr. Milgrim will provide you with an ice pack to soothe bruising and slight pain normally experienced by patients. Our staff recommends Tylenol to subdue pain in the days following your Liquid Facelift. Depending on the combination of facial fillers, Dr. Milgrim finds best suited for your face, with results lasting from one to two years.

Why Choose Dr. Milgrim?

While a liquid facelift is a safe and effective option for rejuvenating your appearance, desirable results are the outcome of a professional plastic surgeon. Dr. Milgrim, MD was rated one of the “Top Doctors in New Jersey.” He is one of the only doctors in his field versed in the areas of Liquid Facelifts and successfully administering facial fillers. You deserve to look your very best. Dr. Milgrim can help restore and revitalize your skin throughout a series of dermal injections. In just a few minutes of your time, a non-surgical facelift adds volume to your appearance and leaves You with long-lasting results.

Scheduling Your Consultation:

Dr. Milgrim understands the desire to look and feel confident. During your consultation, you’ll learn the pros and cons of a Liquid Facelift and discover how the doctor can improve your appearance. Please reach out today to schedule your consultation for a liquid facelift at our New Jersey office!
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