How Can A Rhinoplasty Help With Sinus And Breathing Problems?

Do you suffer from frequent sinus problems? Instead of going to your primary doctor, have you thought about visiting a plastic surgeon?

When you consider a plastic surgeon, you might think of cosmetic procedures, treatments that address flaws people want corrected. However, plastic surgeons can do more than just transform your appearance. Patients sometimes seek plastic surgeons for rhinoplasty procedures that address functional concerns and open up the airways. A rhinoplasty can do much more than improve your appearance, it can also help you breathe better.

Functional Rhinoplasty in NJ

Functional rhinoplasty has the ability to improve nasal function without changing the existing contour of your nose. While a cosmetic rhinoplasty changes the nose’s shape without addressing functionality. Many patients decide to marry the two procedures to achieve optimal function and desirable shape of the nose, as well.

Symptoms Of Sinus Problems

If you tend to suffer from nasal congestion, a reduced sense of smell, dry mouth or often find yourself breathing through your mouth, you might have airway obstruction. Other side effects include nosebleeds, sinus pressure headaches, frequent sinus infections or trouble sleeping. If these issues aren’t treated properly, they can escalate and lead to more serious concerns.

Combining Function and Aesthetics

Rhinoplasty techniques are used to correct a deviated septum and damaged nasal passages to help improve function. Depending on your specific concerns, a number of techniques may be used. A procedure free of complications is normally completed in just under 30 minutes. Usually, it’s best to combine functional and cosmetic surgeries to improve healing time and results. Because the form and function of your nose are very closely related, it may ensure a better outcome.

Dr. Milgrim specializes in surgery of the inside and outside of the nose, he performs rhinoplasty on patients in the NJ area.

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