Treating Hyperhidrosis with Botox

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Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Dr. Milgrim, a board-certified plastic surgeon working in NJ, understands the discomfort and embarrassment that hyperactive perspiration causes. He frequently consults with patients in Bergen County who suffer from hyperhidrosis and seek effective relief from this condition. While this disorder can create years of irritation, our practice inhibits sweating in the afflicted region within minutes. Dr. Milgrim safely administers natural Botox injections to temporarily impair overactive sweat glands. Equipped with expert precision and years of training, the surgeon injects the protein into the affected area temporarily preventing the body’s ability to create excessive amounts of sweat. For those afflicted with Hyperhidrosis, the FDA has approved the use of Botox when anti-antiperspirants provide little comfort. At Milgrim Plastic Surgery, we are certified to effectively treat excessive sweating of the face, palms, feet, and underarms.

Benefits of Using Botox to Treat Hyperhidrosis

    • Eliminates embarrassing armpit stains and boosts confidence
    • Non-invasive procedure paralyzes nerves, decreases sweating without surgery
    • Results are present within just four days
    • Effectively reduces sweat in the face, axillae (armpit), hands and feet

Before, During and After Your Hyperhidrosis Treatment Procedure

    • Before: Dr. Milgrim meets with the patient and marks areas to be treated with Botox. Our clinical team will administer a topical anesthetic to increase comfort throughout your injections.
    • During: Dr. Milgrim utilizes a fine needle to administer slight Botox injections to the afflicted area, temporarily stunting glandular activity. Your treatment will last from 10-30 minutes and requires no downtime afterward.
    • After: Following treatment, patient may experience mild bruising at treatment sites, this will fade in a few days. Dr. Milgrim asks you to follow-up within two weeks for a touch-up treatment to maximize results. We are proud to say you’ll be back to work the same day and will have results lasting up to six months.

Why Choose Dr. Milgrim

For best results, Botox injections should always be administered by a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Milgrim, MD, has years of experience regarding advanced dermal technology and is proud to be featured as one of the Top Surgeons in New Jersey. Are anti-antiperspirants and medications a constant disappointment to you? Dr. Milgrim can reduce excessive sweating and help you regain confidence with FDA approved Botox.

Scheduling Your Consultation

During your consultation, you’ll meet with the doctor to discuss treatment goals, the treatment procedure, and which areas you’d like to focus on. We think it’s time for you to regain your confidence and start feeling great again. Please contact our friendly office staff today to schedule your consultation. Dr. Milgrim provides Botox treatments for hyperhidrosis from the comfort of his New Jersey office, which is centrally located in Bergen County.
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