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K.V. August 2015 – Dr. Milgrim did a great job. I’m very happy with the results. He made me feel confortable and haave no questions before the procedure. the staff was always pleasant and accomodating.
L. G., August 2014 – For the past 8 months, Dr. Milgrim has been doing my botox. I am 50 years old and have been getting botox, with no side effects, since I was 39. Of course, I have visitied many dermatologists and plsatic surgeons over the years for this procedure, but Dr. Milgrim is by far the best. He takes the time to understand my concerns and is able to enhance my face painlessly and naturally. Botox almost completely removes my frown lines and crows feet and also prevents my wrinkles from forming in those areas. The results are fantastic. My friends, collegues and strangers think I am younger than I am.
J. N. August 2014 – Very pofessional from start to finish. My results are as good as could have exptected. Would highly recommend to others.
T.G. July 2014 – I went to Dr. Milgrim to improve my appearance, and I am very pleased with his recommendations and the results. Botox was easy and painless and the results look very natural. The filler he recommended really made a difference in how I look, and I’m thrilled with the results. i would recommend Dr. Milgrim if you want to look and feel better!
J. K, Jan, 2014 – I went to Dr. Milgrim for corrective rhinoplasty. I saw another doctor in the area who I liked as well but Dr. Milgrim made me feel comfortable. He defiinitely knows what he is doing!! My first visit was a few months ago. He listened and told me all the things I could do without being pushy. I liked that. At the time of my pre operative appointment he went over again all the things that he would do and could do. He went over all the things that could go wrong and explained what I should expect each day after the surgery. That was great because I am really a nervous nelly! My bandage was removed a week ago. I am still swollen but I see the difference and I am so happy. It was just what I wanted. His assistant is amazing and he should be happy to have her as she held my hand through the whole thing!!
C.B. Dec 2013 – I just had my cast taken off from my nose job and I am happy as can be! Dr. Milgrim is the best of the best. I researched alot of doctors before choosing him and I was a bit nervous based on some of these reviews, but I have to say, I am so happy. I went to the “top” nose job surgeons, and Dr. Milgrim was the most genuine. He explained every step of the surgery, before and after, allayed all my fears although I was really nervous. His assistant Tarah is the best!! He gave me realistic expectations but after today, he far and away exceeded them! He was understanding, walked me through the surgery step by step, and knew what I wanted. He did exactly what I wanted. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a real person, not a hot shot doctor, working on them BTW he is a hot shot doctor too!!
D.B, November 2013 – Since the surgery my breathing and quality of life have improved drastically. I feel a freedom I have not felt in years. I can now sleep through the night without waking up from a dry mouth or dreams of not being able to breathe. Dr. Milgrim was kind, professional, and reassuring throughout the process. The recovery tiem was short and there were no black eyes or visible blemishes. I was very pleased by him every step fo the experience . Thank you.
E.D, October 2013 – Dr. Milgrim is very professional but most importantly to me is the outcome . I had a rhinoplasty. Drd. Milgrim thoroughly explained the procedure and what to expect afterwards. I had very minimal bruising, and the packing was removed the next day. The outcome was what I expected. I would recommend Dr. Milgrim any day!
T.C, July 2013 – Dr. Milgrim made me feel I was in accomplished and professional hands from the first time I met with him. Through the day of my surgery and beyond the work was excellent. I couldn’t be happier!
DK.,June 2013 – He did exactly what he said he was going to do. He listened to what I wanted. I am very happy with how it came out . It looks natural.
A.Z, July 2013 – I have had a great experience with Dr. Milgrim. Since the moment he introduced himself to me, I felt completely comfortable and trusted him. He does amazing work and anyone I now run into says what a great job done with my nose. I am so happy to have Dr. Milgrim as my doctor.
E. M, June 2013 – I have had a septoplasty done once before this surgery and I have to say the second time was so much easier than the first. I had minimal pain. Each day my nose is looking better from the nose job. I can not wait for the final results!!
M. G, December 2012 – I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Milgrim. Rhinoplasty was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but was extrememly nervous and apprehensive about going through with. Afater my consultation with Dr. Milgrim my nervers were completely put at ease. I loved how he listendd to what I asaid andwas on the same page with me abaout achieving a natural unoperated look. I coudn’t be happier with the outcome!
J.R, April 2012 – I really like him. I cut my lip when I slipped off the curb in front of my house, and he took me as an emergency. He sewed it up. I can hardly see the scar.
A.C. December 2011 – I saw him for my nose. He know what he is talking about! I highly recommend him.
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